10 Curious Facts About Tales of Arise Game

10 Curious Facts About Tales of Arise Game
  1. The game is set in the twin worlds of Rena and Dahna.
  2. Renans, respected for their ability to use astral energy, have ruled over the Dahnans for hundreds of years.
  3. In that time, the Dahnan slaves have been harvesting resources — mainly astral energy — from their world.
  4. As a consequence, its inhabitants live a polarized reality divided by social class.
  5. Players take control of a party that forms gradually and whose members come from different backgrounds, yet they are bound together by a shared interest.
  6. Their main objective is to prevent the Crown Contest, an event in which one of the competing lords is selected to become the next sovereign, ruling over both worlds and obtaining a great deal of power.
  7. There are five kingdoms in Dahna, each represented by an element and ruled by a lord carrying a master core, an object that condenses astral energy.
  8. Although the party’s common aim is to defeat these lords, all characters have additional personal reasons revealed as the story progresses and they’re sufficiently engaging to propel players forward.
  9. The story is readily alluring, and the plot unfolds a lot more beyond the Crown Contest, with a lot of worthwhile moments.
  10. In addition, well-timed defensive moves are beneficial.