Update Released

Update Released

In Tales of Arise, the latest patch introduces a new Booster Pack featuring a new playable character, Karteira, who can be purchased with in-game currency. The Booster Pack includes a new Booster Pack exclusive Mystic Arte, the Shizero one-handed sword, and new weapons and gear.

In addition, a new event quest was added, in which players can undertake a quest to save a legendary dragon from a disaster. Players can stop a disaster from befalling a world by completing a series of quests.

In this quest, players will face a series of formidable new enemies including Tiamat, a new formidable foe. Players can also find new equipment and swords with the new quest.

Please note that the Booster Pack is priced at 10,000,000 in-game currency.

Tales of Arise is an exceptional story-driven action experience that carries over many staples of the series for long-time fans.